With the thrills always come spills

We've all done it, ridden too hard at that fence only to find our feisty steed has other plans about jumping it! Suddenly we are found praying for a soft landing as we hurtle through the air. Lets rejoice in the moment of the tumbler, if you've managed to snap one of the field taking a quick spill during our days sport, send your pictures using the contact details on our contact form. We'll even hold a vote at the end of the season for our most worthy tumbler prize. Keep it fun though, bruised pride and smiles only.

Nicky Bailey - Opening Meet Stapleton

Nicky claims her horse stumbled in an off-cambered low rut, followed by a fictitious claim that she hadn’t departed a horse for 15 years. Nicky then proceeded to 'style-out' her 'tipsy tumble' by using a past self-help trick taught to Nikki by Mary Platt … The swift re-application of lip stick.