Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hounds, Annual Subscriptions & Fees

The following outlines the yearly subscription rates for the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hounds. Hunt subscriptions are always due from 1st May for the year oncoming.

Members Compound Subscription
Adult (Aged 25 & Over) £1000
Adult (Aged 30 & Over) Saturdays Only £800
Adult (Aged 25 To 30) Saturdays Only £450
Adult (Aged 24 & Under) Saturdays Only £250
Farmer £800
Adult 1/2 Season (After 27th December) £550
All Young People (Aged 24 & Under) Inc. Children & B&BM Pony Club Members £250

N.B. Ideal As gifts. Pre-Paid Field Money / Visitors’ Cap Vouchers Are Available In Values of £ 5, £ 10 & £ 20 And Can Be Redeemed Throughout The Season.
Purchase From The Hunt Secretary.


Autumn Hound Exercise

Subscribers paying their subscriptions in full, before the 1st September will not be asked to pay Field Money during Autumn Hound Exercise.
All other mounted followers pay as per below;

Visitors Field Money
Adult (Aged 30 & Over) £55
Adult (Aged 25 To 30) £40
Adult (Aged 24 & Under) Inc. Children & B&BM Pony Club Members £20
Farmer £45


For those who find it more convenient, subscriptions may be paid as follows;

Option Payment Method
A Three Equal Payments
First Payment Received By 1st September, Including Two Post Dated Cheques 1st Oct & 1st Nov
B A Standing Order
Pay Subscription In 12 Monthly Installments Commencing 1st May

Please note, if, for some reason, the full Subscription is not received then we reserve the right to invoice the Member for the outstanding amount.
Payments made by monthly installment sadly, do not qualify for discount on Subscriptions.


Point-to-Point Qualifiers, please contact the Hunt Secretary to discuss requirements.


Please send your Subscriptions, requests for pre-paid Field Money Vouchers & Day Tickets to the Hunt Secretary.


Cheques payable to B&BMH Ltd.



It is traditional, good hunting etiquette, that visitors always make prior arrangements with the Hunt Secretary before attending.
This is to ensure that visitors have the correct information and enjoy their day with the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hounds.
Occasionally visitor numbers may be limited or Meet venues can have changed.
Contacting the Hunt Secretary will prevent any misunderstandings and disappointments.

Visitors Field Money
Adult (Aged 25 & Over) £50
All Young People (Aged 24 & Under) Inc. Children & B&BM Pony Club Members £20
Farmer (Within The B&BMH Country) £40
Adult Book Of 5 Day Tickets £220