Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hounds, Annual Master's Address

BBMH Masters News, November 2016


Joint Masters, Mr. Nigel Dickson, Mr. Andrew Tasker, Ms. Cathy Hewitt, Mr Richard Thompson and Ms Jill Morphet


The joint masters of the BBMH are working hard to ensure that all subscribers, members and farmers have a successful and most enjoyable season. From the start of September, we spend time visiting’s landowners and making plans for autumn hunting mornings and from the 1st Saturday in November the full hunting days. We spend many hours visiting farmers and landowners seeking permission to cross their land. They are also responsible for the hunt staff and horses.


Without the help and cooperation of many people our days would be much more complicated.


Out of season we are also working hard on the hunts behalf to raise much needed funds. Frickley Park Horse Trials has grown enormously over the past few years and many hands are needed to make such a prestigious event successful We would love to see more of our followers getting involved with the hunts events and helping if possible. The Point to Point at Askham Bryan is also another day along with Hunters trials at Campsall and North Lodge and the Masters Ball– they all take a lot of hard work and we would like to see more of you getting involved.


Funds are vital to the hunts sustainability so if you would like to offer to help with any kind of fund raising please do contact one of us and we will help all we can All this is done alongside their own personal lives and work commitments but it is a labour of love and one we are all exceptionally passionate about.


Last season proved a difficult one in respect of wet and windy weather, Plans were changed and quite short notice on some days however our main aim is to keep as much of the country open as possible.


On behalf of us all may I take this opportunity to thank all farmers, landowners, gamekeepers and others for allowing us to continue to enjoy this wonderful English tradition. Many thanks to all those friends of the hunt who give up their time in so many ways to help. We are exceptionally grateful to everybody.


One last request we would ask- Please do report to us any damage to fencing, land etc. so, that we can contact those concerned and rectify any issues. Horse prints on mown grass or broken fencing can soon be repaired if we are notified.


Many thanks to you all and please do carry on enjoying the BBMH.